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Hello, I'm Sammy! I've been a software engineer of some sort for over seven years.

I currently work at the Wikimedia Foundation on the Community Tech team, where I help implement community-requested technical features — being able to help the community I have been a part of for over 14 years is a very rewarding role.

Outside of the realm of being a software engineer, I am also a contributor to Wikimedia projects (such as Wikipedia and Wikidata) and a Wikimedia UK board member.

I have an applied interest in community moderation and governance, namely in the scope of open source projects (and of course, Wikimedia). This normally manifests as opinions on how the voice of "the community" should be drastically amplified, and how governing organisations should practice radical transparency.

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The bio on my fedi account always feels a little restricted in the amount of space available, so a couple of other things I'd like to mention are:

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